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Node-RED App Library gets a complete revamp

What can I use Node-RED for?

With Node-RED you can build your own powerful applications such as a full fledged Alarm System, Feel Good lights or Voice Alarm Activation.

You may think of the Node-RED App Library as an collection of recipes, each app/recipe lists the ingredients and how to use them.

Quick start by downloading our ready-to-use Node-RED flow examples. Configure your devices and publish – it’s really that easy and requires no programming skills.

Good to know:

  • The Node-RED apps run locally on your realKNX mini server, that is not in the cloud!

realKNX Node-RED App Library gets a complete revamp!

Our realKNX Node-RED App Library grows and as it is getting larger it is more difficult find stuff. So we decided to make a complete overhaul. The new presentation let you search by category, search by technology-tags and if that is not enough a free text search. Node-RED App Library