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Help mitigate climate change: get an offline voice control system!

Why would buying an offline voice control system like realKNX Aragon help? It is very simple. As of 2019, Amazon have sold 100 million Alexa devices. When Alexa is turned on, regardless of what it is doing, it sends out data. So even when idle, energy is being used to send, and to store information in data storage centres around the world creating an unnecessary carbon footprint.

On top of that, each time a cloud-based voice control system like Google Home or Alexa Echo is actually used to control your lights or your heating, your voice command is recorded. The sound file is sent to a data center. When the command has been analysed by the data center, a command is sent to your home. That is a very complicated and energy-hungry way to do something as simple as turning on the lights! realKNX Aragon saves you energy, and limits data consumption as it works entirely offline and there are no automatic updates. This also helps save your carbon footprint from increasing. In turn, you can have the convenience of a voice control system while helping the world to limit climate change.

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Why Choose an Offline Smart Assistant?


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