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ARAGON – works offline, in 55×55 switch design

ARAGON is the first offline voice control system based on AI that fits in a flush mounted box. It is now available in Plug & Talk with GIRA X1, which means no additional configurations are required. Once it is connected to the same network everything happens automatically. The words stored with the GIRA Project Assistant are trained by ARAGON in thousands of possibilities. They control, query, inform you about conditions or activate a help call.

The spoken data are staying at home and are not recorded. There are no silent updates, the system works autonomously without any connection to internet servers.

The existing GPA configuration is the base for voice control

You have a KNX Interface, a proServ, a GIRA Homeserver or a JUNG SmartVisuServer?

These devices are also supported by ARAGON. With existing proServ, Jung SVS or Gira QuadClient only the PoE line of the ARAGON needs to be connected as with the X1. After reading out automatically the names used in the visualization, the system is ready to use and you can speak with it.

Other rooms can be equipped with the affordable ARAGON Satellite.

Download your free PDF on the advantages of Offline Assistants here:

Why Choose an Offline Smart Assistant?