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Meet PRATGLAD, the world’s first voice-controlled offline smart home assistant

We are proud to announce the launch of our new product, PRATGLAD; an offline voice controlled smart home assistant that works seamlessly with Home Smart Trådfri products. PRATGLAD means ‘chatty’ in Swedish. The device uses machine learning and ‘Natural Language Understanding’ to comprehend and respond to commands said in thousands of different ways. This means that it works completely offline and records no data. Users can enjoy all the comforts of a smart home assistant without giving up any of their privacy.

What’s said at home, stays at home.

PRATGLAD is a wall-mounted voice assistant which measures only 81 x 81 mm, therefore fits unobtrusively into the decor. The connection is made through a 5 volt USB cable and Ethernet.

Aragon is surface mounted while PRATGLAD is wall mounted. The PRATGLAD Mini is a simplified version of Aragon with a limited set of features and it only works with Trådfri.

PRATGLAD is quick and easy to install. It needs to simply be connected to an already configured Trådfri network. Consequently, this enables it to automatically access the information it needs to function. Although it is feasible for a homeowner to install and set up PRATGLAD themselves, the assistant opens up many opportunities for professionals. They can offer a flat-fee for a holistic home installation. In addition, there are possibilities of multiple up-sales that can be included over and above the basic the installation offer. Furthermore, it targets a new retrofit market. Finally, with PRATGLAD for Trådfri, plug and play system, everything is configured on the Trådfri app, therefore the smart home system set up causes minimal disruption of the home.

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