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Offline voice control now also connected via standard gateway

ProKNX believes that the configuration for voice control is closely related to the configuration of the visualization of an installation. It does not make sense to create and maintain more than one configuration. That is why we offer “Plug and Talk” for all our solutions. The voice control retrieves the names used for rooms and functions from the visualization, trains them and can be used immediately afterwards. Thus even modifications in the configuration of the visualization are taken immediately into account for voice control.

Now there are some applications (e.g. applications for hotel rooms) where the configuration is simply to be given as a list form, and often there is no visualization at all. For this purpose we have now created the possibility to define the voice control via a JSON file. Here is an example of the construction of such a structure. The communication is finally handled via the so-called KNX/NetIP tunneling or routing protocol.

This type of configuration has the great advantage of being extremely inexpensive, not only for series applications. In many cases, private users already have an inexpensive KNX/IP gateway, which can then be used not only for the programming of the installation but also for the communication with our offline voice assistant. Only ARAGON Base is needed, and already can be spoken with the installation.