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Press release – PRATGLAD for Trådfri

ProKNX Announces the Launch of Its Innovative Fully Offline Voice Controlled Smart Home Assistant

PRATGLAD by ProKNX is a world-first offline voice control system for smart homes that performs all the actions of a familiar home automation assistant without compromising the consumer’s privacy.

The award-winning start-up based in the South of France, has proudly announced the upcoming launch of their newest home automation product that will take the smart home industry by storm. Jens Kastensson, CTO of ProKNX stated that the initial idea for the development of PRATGLAD arose because of serious concerns about intrusions into the privacy of smart home device users.

“We see this as an unacceptable compromise. The constant recording of utterances and the nonstop transference of data to the cloud is a serious breach of privacy for the user, and a needless waste of energy. Along with Christian Kiefel, our CEO, we decided that there needed to be a workable solution to support a user’s right to enjoy the comfort of smart home technology without having to deal with the negative aspects of owning a home automation device. It was from this pressing concern that PRATGLAD was conceived.”

PRATGLAD, which means “chatty” in Swedish, is the first voice controlled smart home assistant that uses machine learning and ‘Natural Language Understanding’ to understand and respond to a variety of commands said in thousands of different ways. This allows it to work completely off-line to protect the privacy of its users.

PRATGLAD is an easily set up, inexpensive plug-and-play device that fans of IKEA’s Trådfri products will be able to use to control all their smart lights and blinds by voice alone with no need for a remote control, app, or tablet. The cost of the device puts it well within the reach of the average consumer.  Unlike many other smart home assistants on the market today, PRATGLAD is individually customizable by the buyer, giving them the freedom to purchase and install the product by themselves, with no need for installation experts.

PRATGLAD for Trådfri will be launched at the beginning of June this year and initially be available to order online equipped to understand English, with German or French language options on request. Find out more information or order your PRATGLAD at . 

About ProKNX

ProKNX is a dynamic IoT company which develops and sells completely offline smart home assistants that provide all the comforts of a cloud-based system while maintaining the privacy of the consumer. It has more than 10 years of experience in developing innovative, prize-winning smart home devices for the KNX Home Automation sector. ProKNX works in collaboration with Jung and Sonos to produce high quality devices for the home and office. Its flagship product, Aragon, has recently been listed as one of the best smart home products of the year in Germany, and won the Audience Choice Award at the Smarthome Deutschland Conference 2020.