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Security and Privacy Review of Online Smart Home Assistants

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Home automation has been developed to simplify our daily lives. The use of Smart Home Personal Assistants allows us to enjoy an increased comfort level, and as an added bonus, save a large amount of energy when compared to traditional manual operation of appliances such as lights and heating. However as this review has highlighted, in the case of the majority of Smart Home Personal Assistants on the market today, hand-in-hand with this convenience, serious privacy issues are being brought into play. The ability of malicious actors to attack these systems in a number of ways, from illicit data collection, to attacks on the devices themselves to carry out damaging commands, is an extremely serious problem that needs to be speedily resolved.

At ProKNX, the issues of privacy and security are of paramount importance to us, which is why we have developed our easy to implement voice controlled system to work completely offline, with no data recording or transmission, or cloud services needed. We understand the needs of the modern user and know that our products can move the world of Smart Home Personal Assistants into a secure and private space. 

Privacy-By-Design. What’s Said At Home, Stays At Home.