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Voice control “Plug & Talk” with realKNX Aragon

The Smart Visu Server from Albrecht JUNG can now be expanded to offline voice control with ARAGON.

All you have to do is connect the PoE cable of the realKNX Aragon, and the KNX installation can be operated with voice.

No internet required, what’s said at home stays at home!

The existing configuration of the SV server is read out in order to train the words for rooms and functions in thousands of sentence positions using AI.
Stored names for light, scenes, shading and heating are then recognized and can be executed or queried in relation to the room. realKNX Aragon contains a small loudspeaker, two microphones and a processor to evaluate the spoken words locally and to send back the commands to the KNX bus via the JUNG server.
realKNX Aragon is compatible with all previously delivered JUNG SV servers!

For more information on the JUNG SmartVisuServer click here. Aragon is available directly in our web shop.