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Check out our exciting new Aragon smart speaker features!

We would like to give you a preview of what is coming up in the very near future for the Aragon smart speaker. The additional new features will make the installer and end-user experience even more simple and satisfying than it is already. Read on below to find out the latest improvements.

High quality multilingual text-to-speech that works on-device

All of our smart speakers will come pre-configured to understand and carry out commands in English, French, and German without any need for an external Internet connection. All language understanding will occur on-device.

No need to choose a particular language to communicate with Aragon as it understands commands said all three. Having a single smart speaker that understands a number of languages in hotels, offices, public spaces, and even multi-lingual homes, throughout Europe is an enormous advantage for the end-user. An added advantage in using a ProKNX assistant is that the command understanding and response all happens on-device, saving energy and keeping what the user says private.

Customizable wake words

Rather than saying the name of the device, customers will be able to order an individualized branded wake word. There are a number of significant advantages in having a customized brand wake word, including enhanced user experience and greater brand recognition. Special assistance phrases are also configurable.

Weather and Traffic Information

The option to opt-in to a hybrid model of operation in order to bring the user access to services such as online weather and current traffic conditions.

Customizable Graphical user interface

Customers can order a branded user interface in the form of images, particular fonts, individualized text, and more. The graphical user interface can be configured for ease of advanced configuration of Aragon smart speakers by integrators, electricians, and for OEM.

Customizable Voice User Interface

Customers can order a branded voice user interface to personalize spoken feedback and welcome messages from their Aragon smart speaker. This feature is particularly useful in a hotel, office, or residential care environment to strengthen brand familiarity and loyalty to a certain company or organization.

Synchronized Language Switching

When the language from GUI is changed in English, French, or German the VUI language is automatically synchronized to the same language. This allows for easier usage of the Aragon smart speaker.

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