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Reliable product interoperability verified by ProKNX and Skyresponse

After rigorous testing, it has been confirmed that the ProKNX smart speaker, Aragon Companion, and the alarm management platform developed by new partner, Skyresponse, are seamlessly interoperable.

The emerging move toward interoperability of products and systems in the intelligent technology sector is quickly becoming essential for their longevity in the market. In order to remain viable options for the consumer, the technologies must be flexible. Each product needs to be compatible with as many complementary systems as possible.

Skyresponse takes alarm handling to a sophisticated level. Their dynamic platform constructs a connected network that reacts to incidents in the environment. It guarantees that the right person, resource, or system is unfailingly reached when needed. The award-winning smart speaker from ProKNX, Aragon Companion, learns an individual’s routine with the use of discrete movement monitoring devices. Detection of an anomaly by the smart speaker guarantees an alert notification to an outside party through the Skyreponse platform. When used in tandem, this interoperability of services enables the two companies to offer an expanded safety feature for individuals living alone.

ProKNX Aragon Companion and Skyresponse working together

In addition, ProKNX and Skyresponse are members of a unique collaboration of partners brought together by AdaptEco. UK-based company, AdaptEco, selects specific cutting-edge technologies. The company then chooses particular technologies to design and build bespoke smart care solutions that exactly suit the needs of their clients. As a result, the consequential tech-agnostic interoperability gives customers confidence that their best interests are being taken into account.

For more information on the services Skyresponse provides and how they function, watch this short video: