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What do ProKNX smart speakers offer that Big Tech speakers cannot?

Smart speakers produced by Big Tech are very cheap and, as well as controlling your smart appliances, allow you to access all sorts of information. However, in order to have access to this information world, the end-user must pay in an alternative way; namely, with the harvesting and use of their personal data. The ProKNX smart speakers are first-and-foremost, made so that the end-user can maintain their privacy, but they also have a number of important advantages that ProKNX smart speakers over the voice assistants offered by Big Tech. Read on to find out the benefits of using an ethical smart speaker.


What’s said at home, stays at home. Everything the user says is private.  Privacy of the user is valued highly by ProKNX, therefore no data is collected. In fact, voice recognition runs entirely on the device.

Operational safety:

The voice control works without an Internet connection, therefore is more reliable. The smart speakers continue to function without a hitch even with a poor Internet connection.

Investment security:

The technology continues to work as it did on the first day it was installed, even after years of use, as it is independent of automatic “silent” updates. As a result, this also means that even if the company stops selling or supporting the device, it will continue to work as it did out of the box.


Commands and verbal interactions can be set in any variation according to the requirements. The choice of words and sentences can be said in thousands of different ways. This flexibility of choice also means that each device can be adapted to the unique needs of individual customers.

Connectivity and Interoperability:

The assistant controls lights, shutters, scenes, heating, music, TV, and much more. Many home server systems and gateways are supported out of the box. “Plug and Talk” functions with the worldwide KNX home automation system standard, or with gateways from Philips HUE and IKEA Tradfri. Also, SONOS Music systems are supported without additional configuration.  ProKNX products are highly compatible with as many systems as possible, allowing integrators to add a large number of other IoT products using the installed NodeRed IoT editor.

Aging in Place: Anomaly Detection:

For elderly or handicapped people voice control of home appliances facilitates daily routines. Although ProKNX smart speakers work without need for the Internet, ARAGON COMPANION has a special feature that allows it to call a nominated carer for help when an untoward event occurs. Additionally, ARAGON can unobtrusively monitor actions and movements of a person, and analyse the data on-device. Movement detectors, door contacts, and switch operations record activity of the individual. Consequently, if the pattern seen diverges from the regular routine, ARAGON will ask if help is needed. No response, or an affirmative answer, will result in the smart speaker calling a carer.