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A whole host of new features for Aragon2

Aragon 2

Our primary objective for last year was to further refine and expand the Aragon2 system. This involved integrating additional relevant products and services into the ecosystem to broaden and enhance its capabilities.

This continuous improvement and expansion strategy underscores our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver superior voice control and smart home solutions.

A summary of the new integrations and 3rd party products with Aragon2

● SensFloor by Future-Shape: An innovative sensor system that transforms floors into smart surfaces. This feature enhances safety and independence in senior living through automatic fall detection and smart home integration.

● Theben LUXORliving: This user-friendly KNX-based smart home system simplifies the integration of lighting, heating, and blinds control, offering both wired and wireless solutions for enhanced home automation.

● Piper TTS: An open-source, fast, local neural text-to-speech system optimized for low-end hardware, supporting a wide range of languages and applications.

● Deepgram Speech-to-Text: An AI-powered, highly accurate, and scalable transcription service. It is designed for real-time and pre-recorded audio processing.

● GPT4All: An open-source ecosystem that enables the local deployment of powerful, customized large language models on consumer-grade CPUs and any GPU. It makes advanced AI accessible to anyone.

● Tailscale: A zero-configuration VPN that uses WireGuard to create secure networks easily. This facilitates remote work and data privacy with minimal setup.

● Netdata: An open-source, real-time system monitoring and troubleshooting platform that offers detailed insights into system performance with high-fidelity metrics and alerts