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Essential security information for KNX members and customers

The KNX Association now offers a web-based security check so that you can control whether your KNX installation is fully protected from malicious contacts over the Internet. The tool works under tightly controlled conditions by trying to connect to your installation from KNX secure servers. If any breach of security is found, you will be given guidelines on how to secure your installation.

To run your secure web-based security check, click here:

Sometimes, remote access is needed in an installation, which is why we have complimented the offline functionality of our Aragon smart speaker with an integrated Tailscale feature. Tailscale is a cutting-edge, zero-configuration VPN solution designed to simplify the creation of secure networks. Leveraging the robust WireGuard protocol, specifically wireguard-go, Tailscale facilitates secure, point-to-point encrypted connections across any device within minutes. This therefore enables remote access from any location or network.

This feature facilitates the provision of daily support to users, and has seen to be especially integral to remote support of systems needed by individuals with disabilities. This exemplifies the inclusivity and accessibility of the solution.

Tailscale’s network is inherently private, operating independently of cloud services, and grants users complete ownership of their connection credentials. This allows users to maintain control, inviting
ProKNX support when needed, and revoking access at their discretion.

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