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Aragon 2

Introducing Aragon 2, the all-new smart speaker from ProKNX! 

After a long period of development, we are pleased to announce the launch of Aragon 2 our new smart speaker. The technology that allows for the increased capacity of the smart speaker has been coalesced into a “master” unit, which drives the satellites within an isolated network separate from the external Internet connection. The new, improved version of the ProKNX smart speaker, carries out all the functions you already know and love. In addition, the device comes equipped with even more features: Even more personalised Now, Aragon 2 comes with a choice of wake-words. Rather than being obliged to use […]


Your ProKNX smart speaker gains multiple new capabilities

Home automation smart speakers made by ProKNX can do far more than just control lighting and heating! We have added features to facilitate everyday life. The new ProKNX smart speaker capabilities help you plan in advance before you leave the house. So now, not only does the voice controlled smart assistant make you more comfortable when you are at home, but also when you are out and about. The new features: Weather “What’s the weather forecast for tomorrow? ““Was sagt der Wetterbericht für morgen?”“Quelles sont les prévisions météo pour demain ?” Are you about to walk out the door and […]

Aragon advantages

What do ProKNX smart speakers offer that Big Tech speakers cannot?

Smart speakers produced by Big Tech are very cheap and, as well as controlling your smart appliances, allow you to access all sorts of information. However, in order to have access to this information world, the end-user must pay in an alternative way; namely, with the harvesting and use of their personal data. The ProKNX smart speakers are first-and-foremost, made so that the end-user can maintain their privacy, but they also have a number of important advantages that ProKNX smart speakers over the voice assistants offered by Big Tech. Read on to find out the benefits of using an ethical […]

Time to throw out your smart TV remote control

ProKNX offline smart speakers can now be used to vocally control Sony Smart TVs How many times have you had to search for the TV remote control in the last few months?  It happens to all of us at one time or another; the remote control for the television is mislaid, runs out of batteries, or gets broken in a (pretend) Jedi sword fight.  We experienced this issue just recently. After much searching for a lost remote control, it turned up in the kitchen fridge. It turned out that a member of the family (who shall not be named) went […]

Machine Learning based Motion Anomaly Software for AAL – White Paper

The percentage of elderly in the general population is predicted to steadily augment in the near future, and life expectancy to lengthen. There is a growing concern for the safety of this growing elderly population living alone as they become more frail. As a consequence, the importance of developing alternative options to allow the elderly to remain in their homes for extended periods of their lives is an issue that must be addressed urgently. With these factors in mind, ProKNX developed Aragon in 2019. The original smart speaker automates daily tasks like control of lighting, heating, and blinds with everyday […]

ProKNX wins award for Best Product of the year for the new Aragon Companion

Anticipation rippled through the crowd as the cream envelope containing the names of the winners of Best Product for 2021 was torn open on stage at the annual Smarthome Germany Awards yesterday. This prestigious organization carefully selects and acclaims the best new developments in the German-speaking Smart-home industry each year. Applause broke out as ProKNX was awarded third place for its new offline smart home assistant, Aragon Companion, that enables seniors to live safely and independently at home for longer. After the awards ceremony, ProKNX CEO, Christian Kiefel said that he was extremely pleased with the placing, and congratulated the […]

Voice control “Plug & Talk” with realKNX Aragon

The Smart Visu Server from Albrecht JUNG can now be expanded to offline voice control with ARAGON. All you have to do is connect the PoE cable of the realKNX Aragon, and the KNX installation can be operated with voice. No internet required, what’s said at home stays at home! The existing configuration of the SV server is read out in order to train the words for rooms and functions in thousands of sentence positions using AI.Stored names for light, scenes, shading and heating are then recognized and can be executed or queried in relation to the room. realKNX Aragon […]

Let’s talk X1

ARAGON – works offline, in 55×55 switch design ARAGON is the first offline voice control system based on AI that fits in a flush mounted box. It is now available in Plug & Talk with GIRA X1, which means no additional configurations are required. Once it is connected to the same network everything happens automatically. The words stored with the GIRA Project Assistant are trained by ARAGON in thousands of possibilities. They control, query, inform you about conditions or activate a help call. The spoken data are staying at home and are not recorded. There are no silent updates, the system […]

Smart Home technology keeps people happy at home for longer

“I felt so very guilty.  My grandmother lay with a broken hip on her bathroom floor for hours before the cleaner arrived and discovered her. We had bought her a call-for-help transmitter. She refused to wear it and always left it on her bedside-table”. This is a true story that replicates itself far too often all over the world where elderly people live alone. Unfortunately, many of us have been in the worrying situation of having a frail loved one living by themselves, and and being unable to check on them frequently.  Now, new innovative smart home technology keeps people […]