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Offline Voice Control Smart Speakers for ODM/OEM

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Aragon allows offline voice control with Snips (now Sonos) and works without any cloud services. Voice commands are processed locally on-device.

Aragon is Private-by-Design and offers offline voice control of lights, scenes, shutters, audio & TV, heating, and more.

Thousands of training examples, together with ML / AI, enable Natural Language Understanding in English, German and French.

Voice control of SONOS speakers requires zero configuration and includes: auto-mute/unmute, on/off, volume, next, previous, favorite selection by voice.

The vocabulary is unrestricted (e.g playlists, device & room names), and is learned dynamically in run-time.

An installation consists of one Base unit and can be extended with up to 10 Satellites (any combination of Aragon Sat PoE or Aragon Sat WL).

Each Aragon unit covers up to 7m.

Aragon WL, Base & Sat

Aragon WLAragon PoE
Use caseTabletop / Wall MountFlush mounted
ConnectivityEthernet / Wi-FiPoE
Audio4 mic, 2W speaker2 mic, Mobile phone speaker
CommonQuad-core Cortex-A7 1.2GHz, 512MB DDR3 RAM, 8 GB eMMC flash memory, Linux Debian 9, Stretch

On-board Node-RED Rapid textual and graphical development environment.

Rapid integration of any IP enabled gateway, extensive sample code in Node-RED.

Extensible and customizable voice control experience via Node-RED application programming interface.

First class support in English, German and French.

Aragon PoE, Base & Sat