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realKNX – Tips and tricks

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General knowledge about the realKNX server

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  • Find your realKNX Server in the network:
  • Modifying the configuration:
    • Mandatory: Download proServ database with ETS
    • Lauch the home page of realKNX server using and press the link for the server that has been found
    • Mandatory: Press the orange “update” symbol in the proServ icon in the upper left corner, or just restart the server to read out the proServ configuration
    • To update dashboard, use the corresponding orange “update” symbol on the dashboard icon (This erases manual configurations that has been done on the dashboard
    • To update Snips use the corresponding orange “update” symbol on the Snips icon or press “restart Snips” in the Snips configuration menu. This will also launch the inject process to train the new words for the natural language understanding.
    • To update Google Home use the corresponding blue “update” symbol on the Google Home icon.
    • To update Alexa use say “Alexa, discover devices”
    • To update HomeKit run once the realKNX App
  • Default credentials for admin:
    • Synology realKNX server (http://<IP_adress_realKNX_server>:5000) admin/admin
    • realKNX Air server (http://<IP_adress_realKNX_server>:10000): pi/<pw on the sticker>
    • realKNX O-two (http://<IP_adress_realKNX_server>:10000): respeaker/<pw on the sticker>
  • Default credentials for NodeRed:
    • same as mentioned before
  • Landing page proServX with links for “LogView” and “Scheduler”: http://<IP_adress_realKNX_server>:8081
  • Short description for setup:
    • English
    • French
    • German

Known issues

From 2018 an Issue, Bug and Request tracking‎ system is available , see Menu | More

More info

iOS Safari: realKNX homepage may block in some cases.Fixed in v3.1 Reload the page. Will be fixed Q4 2017.
realKNX menu, links to proServX LogView/Scheduler are incorrect when remoteConnected.Fixed in v3.1 Use links in remoteConnect Landing page.Will be fixed Q4 2017.
realKNX Dashboard & Android & Chrome browser ver 58.0.3029.83: values are not shown (2017 June)Fixed in by Google Chrome v59.  Workaround: on Android use another browser, e.g. ‘Firefox for Android’.
realKNX iOS app v1.0.0 fails to pair (2017 Jan.)Fixed in version 1.0.1. Workaround: use any HomeKit compatible application to pair. A software update is coming soon.
French Siri doesn’t understand ‘Allumer’ (2017 Jan.)Fixed by Apple 2017 March. Workaround: use ‘ouvrir’, ‘mette en route’, ‘met en marche’.
Homekit stops syncing between my iPad and iPhoneApple Developer Forums: Maximum number of devices

Setup HomeKit Bridge

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  1. Configure your proServ with the corresponding ETS product database. (Product database may be downloaded here – section more info). Test the configuration using our iKnix2 app.
  2. Connect your realKNX Server to the network (or restart it, if it was already connected)
  3. Wait 5 minutes
  4. Start the realKNX application (available on iOS AppStore)
  5. Create your home (clicking on the + at the upper right corner)
  6. Click on the new entry and add a device (clicking again on the + at the upper right corner)
  7. Select the entry “KNX HomeKit Bridge” (If you do not see this entry please refer to the troubleshooting section)
  8. Select the “manual pairing” by clicking on the text link at the button of the page
  9. Enter the pairing code 111-22-333
  10. When pairing is done select the flash back to your home – you should see all rooms and functions now. Test Siri now 🙂

If you modify the ETS configuration, restart the realKNX server after downloading the product database. Wait 4-5 minutes, start the realKNX app and select your home. All modifications are updated also for HomeKit, a new pairing is not necessary.

The realKNX app is only used to sort the functions in the appropriate rooms. Siri is working even if no app is open.

How to find the right words for Siri

Plus d'infos en français

Autre manière de dire ‘allumer’: ‘ouvrir’, ‘mette en route’, ‘met en marche’

More info

Siri has to be enabled in the settings of the iDevice. The chosen language should correspond to the language used in the ETS parameter.

Siri allows to control and to query KNX devices. Siri knows with the chosen words if it should look in the internet or within HomeKit for the answer.

  • Device specific voice commands, e.g.  “Switch on the ceiling lamp in the living room” or “Set the blind in the kitchen to 35%” or “Set the thermostat in Peter’s room to 21 degrees”
  • Group voice commands, e.g. “Switch off the lamps in the living room” or “switch off the living room”.  This is possible without having defined scenes on the basis of KNX. In the latter example, all switches will be turned off, not only lights.
  • Voice commands – relative operation, e.g. “Increase the brightness in the living room by 10%” or “increase the temperature in the kitchen by 1 degree”. These commands will use the actual value as basis and will add the asked value to define the new setpoint.
  • Voice commands  – state queries, e.g. “What is the pool temperature” -> Answer: “The pool temperature is 23.5 ° Celsius”.
  • Voice commands  – check the entire installation, e.g. “Are the lights on in the house?” -> Answer: “Three lamps are switched on, the others are off”
  • Siri supports many languages (35+ )

The words that are used to communicate with Siri are defined in the ETS parameters of the proServ product database.

  • Do not use abbreviations
  • Best words are unique single words
  • You may always check the spelling of the words when you open the iKnix2 app

Automation functions and remote connect with HomeKit

More info

  • Automation support – when configuring an iOS10 iPad or AppleTV (3rd or 4th generation) as a stationary device in the house, automation commands can be triggered. Read more at Apple support Automate and remotely access your HomeKit accessories
  • Geofencing support – geofencing is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. Leaving or entering the perimeter can be used as trigger for automation, e.g. Trigger “Switch on lights” when entering home.
  • RemoteConnect is supported – without configuration of VPN or port forwarding – you are simply connected to the installation with or without Wifi (only possible with stationary Apple TV or iPad)
  • Push information may be sent for binary infos (1 Bit state in ETS product database). This has to be enabled by selecting the alarm in “Home” application

Recommended HomeKit iOS Apps

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For immediate update and fast commands for KNX we still recommend our own iKnix2 app!

remoteConnect configuration

More info

Troubleshooting Alexa Skill

More info

  1. Alexa App cannot find any devices
    • verify that your remoteConnection is working by logging in.
    • Try to DISABLE and the ENABLE the skill.
    • Select SYSTEM REBOOT from realKNX menu ‘proServ Tools’
    • Ask Alexa to ‘Discover’ again.
    • Additional information, see online user-guide

Troubleshooting HomeKit

More info

  1. I cannot find “KNX HomeKit Bridge” when trying to pair with the realKNX app
    • Make sure that the IP address of proServ is correct (http://<IP_address_realKNX_server>:8081/proserv/settings.html)
    • Restart the realKNX server
    • After 5 minutes select http://<IP_address_realKNX_server>:3000/#homekit and select “Reset KNX HomeKit Bridge Server”
  2. I cannot find the realKNX server in the network
    • Download and start the Synology Assistant.
    • Connect to the realKNX server by clicking on the entry
    • Eventually you have to reassign the IP address to a new static address

Known HomeKit issues

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  • You need to have at lease iOS9 (better iOS10) running on the devices
  • HomeKit Bridge works with a limit of 99 functions. The first 99 functions will be imported. If you need to unselect a function please add #h to the function name! To reach lower update times in the HomeKit apps, define a minimum of functions for the Bridge.
  • If you are using special characters in the zone names (rooms) or function names these will be omitted. Please use complete words for better Siri understanding
  • Unfortunately the update time of the origninal “Home” app is very long. We recommend to use our “iKnix2” app to control the installation.
  • A rather fast and nice HomeKit app is “Eve”. The only issue we have found is that the state of binary values is shown reversed
  • In the actual version 1.2.4 of our HomeKit package the following proServ functions are not supported:
    • RGB (except RGB single objects function followed by a dimmer or switch function)
    • shutter without feedback
    • KNX scenes (use AUX 1Byte instead)
    • Controls

Update realKNX server v1

More info

  • Make sure realKNX server is connected to the internet.
  • Login to http://<IP_adress_realKNX_server>:5000 with admin/admin
  • Open the package center
  • Click on manual installation and select the new version of the package to install
  • Restart the realKNX server from DSM Options menu top right, select ‘Restart’
  • After 5 minutes, realKNX is ready to use

Update realKNX server v2

More info

  • Make sure realKNX server is connected to the internet.
  • Open the package center and select ‘Update’ in the left menu.
  • If any updates are available from , select ‘Install updates’
  • Restart the realKNX server either from
    • DSM Options menu top right, select ‘Restart’ or
    •  realKNX | proServ Tools | SYSTEM REBOOT
  • After 5 minutes, realKNX is ready to use