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Generic Gateway for Snips with proServ, Jung SVS and Gira X1

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We provide three Samples Communication Module for your reference. If you have one of these Gateway available, you can test it using the following steps:

  1. Download the examples code here:
    1. generic-gateway-RKNX.json (realKNX//ProServ gateway)
    2. generic-gateway-JUNG.json (Smart Visu Server JUNG gateway)
    3. generic-gateway-GIRA.json (GIRA X1 gateway)
  2. Import JSON file to node-RED.
  3. Place the nodes correctly and connect the links (red arrows)
  4. Edit the greenish node IP Address for … and set the IP address of the gateway (without http)
  5. Don’t forget to put the URL to the description file in realKNX main UI (top left)
  6. Modify devices names and UIDs in GGDF according to your existing devices.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: After modifying the GGDF you might want to Inject any new names to Snips. If you don’t Inject, then Snips might not understand non-standard room or device names. You can initiate a Snips Inject from the realKNX Snips dialog ‘Restart Snips’ button.
  7. Click the blue inject button to generate a file and notification to Snips engine
  8. Then, start testing the voice control command : “Hey Snips, turn on the <displayName> in <zone>“.



How to generate GGDF : Generic Gateway