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Smart Senior Living – Automatic Stove Shut Off

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This flow is not yet implemented.

The idea is to implement an “Automatic Stove Shut Off” based on this product description:

Copy of Stove Guard product description:

CookStop uses patented Motion Sensing Technology to monitor movement in the cooking area. Once you power on your stove, the motion sensor goes into action, watching for movement in the cooking area. If no movement is detected, it will start counting down and turn the power to the stove if nobody returns to the kitchen within that pre-set time. The factory default in the Automatic Mode, (safest cooking mode) is 5 minutes. This time setting can be changed to as little as 30 seconds, like other settings, by using the Security Key.

No other stove shut off device does what CookStop does!

  • Turns the stove OFF if you forget
  • Can be set to disable the stove completely
  • Settings are adjustable and locked with secure key
  • Installs quick and easy, without modifying the stove
  • Will turn off the stove before the fire starts
  • Adds value to you as a caregiver


Auto Timer Mode: The timer controls the amount of time before the stove shut off device shuts the power off to the stove once unattended or forgotten cooking is detected. The factory default setting is 5 minutes. You can set the time from 30 seconds to 99 minutes, depending on the users needs. We do not recommend setting this time for any longer than 8 minutes. 5 minutes is the most commonly used time setting, although some people will use time setting from 1 to 3 minutes.

Manual Timer Mode:  A function called “Hold” can be enabled to allow for extended cooking times, say baking or cooking in the oven. This time can be set to any increment in minutes, up to 99 minutes. Once this pre-set time elapses, the CookStop will automatically revert back to the “Auto” mode to ensure highest safety setting. For safety purposes, it is recommended that this time not be set any higher than 30 minutes.

Audible Sound: This gives a warning to the user that the stove is about to shut off due to unattended or forgotten cooking.

Lock Out: The CookStop automatic stove shut off device was designed so that settings can be “Locked”, which makes it “Tamper-Proof”. Settings can be changed by using the “Secure Key”and can not be changed without it. This will stop the user from changing the time settings, or from trying to disable the device. You can use this feature to lock out the stove so that it will not be operational, during certain times of each day or night. For example: An elderly person with memory loss will not be able to get up in the middle of the night and turn on their stove.