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Sound & UI – Audio Prompts with SONOS Pre-recorded mp3 and TTS. Includes a mp3 file browser

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This flow demonstrates how to generate voice prompts to be played on SONOS. Two types of prompts, Text-To-Speech and pre-recorded audio (mp3). The audio prompts can either be event driven (“the kitchen window is open!”, “the front door is open”, “someone is at the door”) or by timer (“it’s supper time!”). The prompts are played back on the SONOS speakers.

The flow includes on-board audio file management, see screenshot.

Required nodes (to be installed from the ‘Manage Palette | Install’ dialog):

  • node-red-contrib-fs
  • node-red-contrib-ui-upload
  • node-red-contrib-bigtimer

Download Code: audio-prompts.json

Download sample mp3: sample.mp3

How-to import: Video Tutorial