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Custom devices with Philips Hue Bridge

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[Philips Hue App version: 1.46.1946080020] [Auto SNIPS V9.0: 2021-07-29]

This flow is used to connect your Aragon device with your Philips Hue Bridge, please make sure that both are connected to the same network. Your Philips Hue App must be already configured with your bridge.

This flow can be defined as an add-on to your current server. Lights, sensors and scenes that you have defined in your Philips Hue App should be reachable by your Aragon once you set up the first connection.

Follow the next steps to set up your Aragon’s Node-red:

  1. Install the node named Huemagic (optional): it is used to get automatically the IP address of your Philips Hue bridge. You can enter it manually.
  2. Download and import the code named Philips-Hue-Custom-Devices.json then save it.
  3. Go to http://<IP_address_of_your_Aragon>:1880/ui and select the PHILIPS HUE tab on the side.

Note: if your Aragon cannot find the IP address of your Philips Hue bridge (via Huemagic node) then you should find its IP address in Philips Hue App > Parameters > Hue Bridges.

Follow the given instructions to set up the first connection.

Note: The push-link button is the central button on your Philips Hue Bridge: this button must be pushed at least 2 seconds, then click on “NEW CONNECTION” on the web page side.

Once your Philips Hue bridge is connected, you should see the following information message:

You Philips Hue bridge is connected and ready for use

Finally, Snips must be restarted, it should take a couple of minutes: to do this you can say “Hey Snips, please restart” or “Hey Snips, train new words”.

Note: default scenes that are defined in Philips Hue App as Fairfax or Ibiza can be activated by voice. Find below an example of custom scenes defined in Philips Hue App for white and color ambiance bulb named Table:

Click the image to zoom

Reminder: to activate scenes you should say “Hey Snips, activate [scene_name] in the [room_name]” or simply “Hey Snips, [scene_name]” if your Aragon is set up in the same room than the scene. In this case above, we should say “Hey Snips, blue” or “Hey Snips, activate blue” to activate the blue scene since our Aragon is set up in the living room.


  • Update 10-05-2021:
    • Relative commands are now available (i.e., “Hey Snips, brighten/dim the ceiling”)
    • Query for lights and dimmers are now implemented. You can ask for the status of these devices (i.e., “Hey Snips, what is the status of the ceiling in the office”)

Download Code: Philips-Hue-Custom-Devices.json

How-to import: Video Tutorial

Philips Hue home page: