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Command confirmation – spoken feedback to voice commands

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This flow allows enables spoken feedback to voice commands (lights, heating and blinds). After a voice command has been executed, this flow queries the current state of the device. E.g. if you say ‘Switch on the Living room lights’, the system will query (ask) the new state of the light(s) and reply e.g. “All lights are on”.


  • “Turn on bedroom ceiling”
    • “Ceiling is on”
  • “Set the kitchen temperature to 22 degrees”
    • “OK, Heating is set to 22 degrees in the kitchen, with a current temperature of 20”
  • “Open the bedroom shutter a bit”
    • “OK, shutter is 20 % open”


These steps show how to add new flow to collect voice command usage data.

  1. Download the flow here
  2. In Node-Red import the file by clicking the menu top right.
  3. Select Save and you’re ready to go