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Help call with Pushbullet App

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[Auto SNIPS V9.0] [Pushbullet App v18.6.4]

This flow set up the help call feature available on the ARAGON of the person who need to be supervised: the elderly person who lives alone or the person who has specific illness that require permanent monitoring.

The emergency notifications are sent on Pushbullet App, an easy to use and a free of charge service with support for Android and popular laptop browsers.

This flow uses:

  • pushbullet

Configuration of the Help call flow:

  1. Download and import the code named HelpCallPushbullet.json (link at the bottom of the page).
  2. You can define the name of the person with the node called Name of the person, see below.Add the name in the msg.payload then click on Done:
    This can be useful if there are several people to look after, then they should be regrouped under the same Pushbullet account.
  3. You may now link the Auto SNIPS V9.0 flow to the Help Call Pushbullet flow. To do that, search for the group named “HELP CALL” in the AUTO SNIPS V9.0 flow and open the link node indicated by the red arrow:Then uncheck all links except the Pusbullet IN of the Help Call Pushbullet flow:
  4. Before saving the Help call flow, please follow the steps below to install and configure the Pushbullet node.

Installation of Pushbullet node:

  1. Select the Node-Red menu
  2. Select Manage Palette and open Install tab
  3. Type: node-red-node-pushbullet and select Install

Configuration of the Pushbullet node:

  1. Sign or Create an Account at
  2. Go to Settings then Account
  3. Create an Access Token
  4. Copy the API key
  5. In Node-Red menu, select Configuration Nodes
  6. Open “Pushbullet Config” and paste the API key then Update
  7. Save the flow (the ARAGON should restart)
  8. Download and install the smartphone Pushbullet App, then log in with your account

How it works:

To trigger the help call, the person can express the emergency depending on the situation, find below some examples:

  • “Hey Snips, I need help!”
  • “Hey Snips, call for help now!”
  • “Hey Snips, I have fallen!”

Then the Snips assistant asks whether it should call for help, there are three cases:

  1. Affirmative response (i.e., “Yes”):
    • A notification is sent on the Pushbullet App for the helper
    • The person will be warned by a vocal message that the call for help has been sent
    • The helper should send a message that will be transcribed vocally for the person
  2. No response: same as for an affirmative response
  3. Negative response (i.e., “No”): the help call is cancelled and a false alarm notification is sent on the Pushbullet App

Note: the help call feature is also available in French and German.

Download code: HelpCallPushbullet.json

How-to import: Video Tutorial