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Learning – Time based logic with dusk, dawn, day and night

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This flow demonstrates how to make a scene which acts differently depending on day or night.

This flow uses:

  • realknx-in
  • Big Timer
  • Invert
  • Boolean logic
  • realknx-out

BigTimer:  is a powerful timing node offering a range of timing facilities for Node-Red and can be used singly or in groups. Full support for dusk/sunset dawn/sunrise and variations also day/week/month (and special days) control.

Note:  In the realknx-in  nodes, remember to set

  • “Convert output to boolean:”
  •  ”If msg arrives on input, always pass through to output: “


  • Open the ” Big Timer” and set the latitude and the longitude. This makes it possible to calculate sun angles / dusk and dawn.
  • Set the ON and OFF time

How it works::

When the “Cozy / Off” KNX key is switched, a room scenario is activated. If it is after sunset, the Cozy Night will be started with dimmed light. If it is day time, the scenario Cozy day will be activated with brighter lights. A second press on the key, will send a “false” that turns off the lights.

Download Codelearning-dusk-dawn-day-night.json

How-to import: Video Tutorial