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Smart Senior Living – Help (I’ve fallen)!

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realKNX can make living safer for Seniors and disabled people.

Smart Home tech is a great solution for the aging-in-place dilemma. By being able to monitor a home remotely, adult children can help their elderly parents stay in their homes for longer.

This flow demonstrates the following use case:

The USER has fallen and cannot reach the telephone to call for help.

  1. The USER needs help and say “Ok Google, help!” or
  2. The USER needs help and press the help button.
  3. The GH speaker replies “Help is activated, wait for confirmation”.
  4. The HELPER(S) receives the help request (Pushbullet Notif). One HELPER replies to the USER e.g. “John will arrive in 5 minutes”. This message is read out by the GH speaker to the USER.

The HELPER(S) can push a message to be spoken at any time, e.g. “I’m a little bit dealyed, will be with you in 2 minutes.” All this messages will be to the USER.


  1. Create a Help KNX scene and a Help button
  2. change the text in the three nodes “CHANGE THIS!”
  3. Configure the Google Home speaker(s)
  4. Configure the Push Bullet API key
  5. Add Shortcuts in Google Assistant (e.g. “Help me”, “I have fallen” ) they should also activate “Help” scene

NOTE! In case of this software fails, ProKNX cannot be held responsible for any damage.

Required nodes

  • pushbullet
  • simple-queue
  • googlehome-notify

Ok Google, Help I've fallen

Download Codesmart-senior-living-help.json

How-to import: Video Tutorial