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User Guide – Alexa skill for realKNX

User guides:


  1. Preconfigured realKNX (version 2.2+) and proServ.
  2. A remoteConnect account configured and enabled (see realKNX) .
  3. Open Alexa App either

Setup your Echo / Echo Dot

After entering your amazon credentials, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings (available from the top left menu button ☰ ).
  2. Click on Setup a new device
  3. Follow the instructions (Choose / Sign-in / Wifi)

Enable Skill

  1. In the Alexa App, select Skills (available from the top left menu button ☰ ).
  2. Search for proKNX.
  3. Select the proKNX skill, and ENABLE it.
  4. Enter your credentials for realKNX remoteConnect, and login.
  5. Close the tab

Discover Devices

  • To Discover devices, either
    1. In the Alexa App Select Smart Home (available from the top left menu button ☰ ).
    2. Select Discover Devices.
  • or use voice command:
    1. Say ‘Alexa, discover devices’

You may have two different types of devices, ‘Lux Lights’ and ‘realKNX device’:

  • The ‘Lux Lights’  originates from ‘Alexa via Bridge’.
  • The ‘realKNX device’ originates from ‘Alexa via Skill’.

For support contact: