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Getting started – Automation with Node-RED

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Jump directly the Node-RED application library:  Node-RED App Library – ready-to-use applications in security, heating, smart senior living and more (recommended reading).

Introduction to Node-RED for realKNX

Node-Red is a graphical programming language which allows easy programming without classic programming skills. The Node-RED version included in the realKNX bundle comprise of everything needed for creating automation of a KNX installation. The realKNX nodes retrieve necessary data from proServ in real-time. The realKNX nodes are ready to use after completed ETS configuration, which means that no import of ETS data is needed.

A Node-RED program consists of nodes (boxes) that are wired together. The nodes and wires collectively makes a flow.

The realKNX node:

    • realknx-in: Listens to state changes of a selected realKNX Item.
    • realknx-get: Gets an realKNX Item on an input message.
  • realknx-monitor: Monitors the realknx-controller node.
  • realknx-out: Sends commands or state updates to a selected realKNX Item.

Node-RED flow (program)

Here is an example of a Node-RED flow. In this flow the left most node listens to changes. The value of the incoming state is inverted and then forwarded to a realKNX output node. In this example, when the floor light is switched on, the table light is switched off and vice versa.


Get started now!

If you already have a realKNX, you may need to upgrade to the latest version. Then you are ready to go! Node-RED is installed and runs locally on the realKNX mini server, and not in the cloud.

If you do not have access to a realKNX server, you can try out Node-RED  for free on the internet at

Create a free account and follow the instructions to start FRED. When FRED (=Node-RED in the cloud) is running, you can copy and paste the flows from our example library below and play around. Note that you will not be able to use the realKNX node.

Node-RED flows – getting started

You can find all the flows below and more in the  Node-RED App Library

Logical AND / OR / XOR

Logic Invert

Push notification

HTTP Request control TV

Google Home Voice Notifications (input: 1 bit)

Google Home Voice Notifications (input: 1 byte)

Google Home Voice Notification (input: Aux)

Joke: Alexa and Google infinite loop

Time based logic with dusk, dawn, day and night