Aragon Satellite PoE

390.00  ( 390.00  excl. tax /// 468.00  incl. tax)

Offline voice control in a flush mounted box as an “extension” to the offline servers

  • First voice control device for home automation which fits in a flush mounted box
  • Compatible with all switch fronts in 55 x 55 mm
  • Connected through PoE
  • Voice commands are only processed locally
  • Unrestricted vocabulary is learned dynamically via the AI of the software
  • Automatic reading of the system configuration of a server for visualization

One of the following products is required to operate the Aragon Satellite PoE:

Click here for a tabular overview of the possible combinations

As soon as one of these servers is in the installation, Aragon configures automatically. Other Satellites can be used in other rooms. The only manual configuration to operate, is the room affiliation in which the Aragon Satellite is located.

The functionalities and technical data are provided on the Aragon Base page.

Aragon Satellite PoE is delivered without the frame but with the speaker grid, which is available in three colours, white, black and aluminium.

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