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Node-RED App Library

Build your own Applications with Node-RED. You may think of this Node-RED App Library as a collection of recipes. Each app/recipe lists the ingredients and how to use them.

More info

Quick start by downloading our ready-to-use Node-RED flow examples. Configure your devices and publish – it really is that easy, even better, it requires no programming skills. Follow this step-by-step video which explains how to download and import. Important information to know:

  • The apps are free to download and use for our customers.
  • The apps run locally in your realKNX mini server, not in the cloud.
  • Backup your work regularly from realKNX menu ‘More | Download flows.json’
  • If an App has ‘Required nodes’, install the node(s) from realKNX Node-RED menu ‘Manage Palette | Install’
  • The source code to all apps are available at github:
  • We would love it if you share your Apps with the community: either create a pull request or simply email to

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Command confirmation - spoken feedback to voice commands
Custom media control - Sony Bravia TV
Learning - Calculations
Learning - Time based logic with dusk, dawn, day and night
Smart Senior Living
Smart Senior Living - Automatic Stove Shut Off
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