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Learning – Google Home Voice Notifications (input: 1 bit)

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This flow demonstrates how to emit a voice notification to a Google Home smart speaker when the state of a binary KNX device changes.

This flow uses:

  • realknx-in
  • googlehome-notify (googlehome-notify-nj4 before 2018 Q1)

googlehome-notify : Sends a notification (a string) to a selected Google Home smart speaker.


  1. From the Menu in Node-Red (hamburger), select Configuration Nodes
  2. Select “GoogleHome-config-node” enter the IP address of the Google Home

How it works:

  • when the door is opens, the Google Home speaker emits “The door is open”
  • when the door is closed, the Google Home speaker emits “The door is closed”

Download Codelearning-google-home-input-1-bit.json

How-to import: Video Tutorial