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Security – Fire alert with SONOS, Google HOME and flashing lights

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This flow demonstrates the how to enhance the alert of the users in the case of a fire. If a fire is detected, the SONOS and Google Home speakers together with the lights will alert people to evacuate. The purpose of this flow is to alert/wake-up any person in the home using noise and light.

In the case of a fire alarm

  1. The SONOS speakers will play an alert sound. The sound file “fire.mp3” is 33 secs long, it is repeated until the fire alarm goes off.
  2. The Google Home speaker will repeat the message “FIRE DETECTED, EVACUATE” every 7 second until the fire alarm goes off.
  3. The Ceiling lights will toggle ON/OFF every 3 sec until the fire alarm goes off.


  1. Configure the Google Home speaker(s)
  2. Configure SONOS speaker(s)
  3. Set the SONOS volume to 100%
  4. Change the GH text below the node “CHANGE!” (optional)
  5. Replace the “fire.mp3” (optional)

NOTE! In case of this software fails, ProKNX cannot be held responsible for any damage.

Required nodes

  • node-red-contrib-better-sonos
  • googlehome-notify

Fire Alert

Download Codesecurity-fire-alert.json

How-to import: Video Tutorial