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Sound & UI – Voice Announcement with SONOS and Amazon Polly text-to-speech

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This flow demonstrates how to make Voice Announcements with SONOS speakers using Amazon Polly TTS (text-to-speech) service.

This flow was created and shared by user TheMax74 on the KNX user forum (requires a login, accounts are free).

  • Amazon Polly – Pros: The output audio is very close to human speech and with a rich choice of languages and voices.
  • Amazon Polly – Cons: Slightly more complicated setup than Google.

Additionally this flow demonstrates how to buffer notification messages and play them one by one from a queue. It is assumed that the SONOS speaker is dedicated for voice announcements. The queued messages are played only when there’s nothing played.

Required nodes

  • node-red-contrib-better-sonos
  • node-red-contrib-polly-tts

The following nodes must be configured:

  1. Setup the Polly node (see comment for instructions regarding Amazon Key)
  2. Set the realKNX IP
  3. Set the SONOS IP

Download Codesound-ui-sonos-polly.json

How-to import: Video Tutorial